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5 DIY Auto Detailing Tips

Our cars sustain a lot of wear and tear. We track in dirt and salt, we spill our food, our dogs leave behind clumps of fur and dirt on the back seat. We scuff the doors and dashboards and, on top of all of this, dust naturally accumulates on every surface. Considering what our cars endure, can you remember the last time you had your car detailed? For many of us, auto-detailing is not part of our regular cleaning schedule but keeping your car interior clean helps to maintain your vehicle and contributes to better resale or trade-in value.

Here are 5 simple do-it-yourself car cleaning tips that will give your car that fresh, new feeling.

  1. Have a Dog? Cover Your Back Seat
    After a long run at the dog park, your favourite four-footed friend will jump into the back seat of the car for a short nap on the way home. Unfortunately, while Fido is lounging in the back, he or she is likely shedding and covering your back seat with wet paw marks. The easiest way to protect your seats is to cover them, allowing Fido to lounge as he pleases without doing any damage.

    Most seat covers are machine washable and can be purchased at your local department or pet store.  
  2. Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee
    Even with a cover on the back seat, some dogs manage to get fur on the seat. These little strands of hair can be a challenge to remove unless you’ve got the perfect tool – a squeegee. Yes, that same squeegee you use to clean your windows is the best way to get dog hair off your seats. Just run the squeegee across the seats in your car and watch the hair come up.
  3. Keep Wipes on Hand for Spills and Dust
    The best way to keep spilled food from staining your cars floor and upholstery is to clean it up as soon as possible. You can read our blog on cleaning up food spills for more tips on this topic. If you spill something in the car, remove any chunks as soon as possible and then pat at the spill with a wet wipe. This will help prevent permanent stains and reduce odours.

    Wet wipes can also be used to wipe down the dashboards and around the doors, to help remove any dust or dirt that may have settled there.
  4. Clean Scuff Mark with a Magic Eraser
    The Magic Eraser is TRULY magical. These little sponges are great for getting out scuff marks and cleaning hard to reach places, you know, those places where we always seem to spill our drinks or drop food. Simply wet the sponge and use it to scrub away the scuff mark or stain. Magic Erasers are safe on a variety of different surfaces and can be dried out and used repeatedly. We highly recommend you keep one in your car or garage.
  5. Line Cup Holders
    Even though they are holding our drinks upright, cup holders always seem to get covered in liquid. Plus, if you don't wipe them from time to time they start to collect dust. Keep your cup holders clean by lining them with muffin cups. Whenever the cups start to look worn or stained, simply recycle them and insert two more.

Does your car need a little extra care to get it looking new? At Steamwise we offer professional auto-detailing at your door. That’s right, we come to you! Contact us at 1-855-793-3131 to learn more or to book an appointment.

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