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8 Simple Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

With the holidays just around the corner, there is a lot of cleaning to get done. Whether you are cleaning to prepare for a Christmas or new year celebration here are some simple ways to make this chore fun.

  1. Turn Cleaning into a Game
    Turning cleaning duties into a game, with a reward for the winner, is a great way to get everyone in the family excited about cleaning. Assign points to each task and then post the list with the allotted points in a common space. When someone completes the task, they claim their points by putting their initials next to the task. The person with the most points at the end of each week wins a prize.

    Tip: To ensure every task always gets done, consider awarding prizes for the person with the most points at the end of each month or even the end of the year.
  2. Sing While You Clean
    Singing or even humming while you work, can help keep you focused on a tedious task like scrubbing the bathtub or doing the dishes. If you really want to have some fun, cue up your favourite songs and sing along, your broom or mop can make a great microphone.
  3. Multi-Task
    Cleaning takes time, but it does not take a lot of brain power, giving you the perfect opportunity to multi-task. Try calling a friend to catch up or listen to a podcast or audiobook.
  4. Clean with Family
    Since a lot of houses are open concept, cleaning can be the perfect time to catch-up with your family. Everyone can be working in a different room but also sharing stories, jokes or advice with one another.
  5. Take a Break/Do a Little Each Day
    Cleaning the entire house at once can be overwhelming and exhausting. Instead of trying to tackle it all at once, take a break between each activity and do something you enjoy, just make sure you come back to your cleaning. You can also break down your cleaning list and do a little each day to avoid help avoid exhaustion and boredom.
  6. Count Calories While You Clean
    Cleaning is a physical activity. When you are scrubbing, mopping or vacuuming you are actually burning calories. Use your calorie counter to track how many calories you burn while your clean, it might be just enough for you to have that extra piece of chocolate after dinner.  
  7. Appreciate Your Hard Work
    Cleaning is hard work, once you are done cleaning anything, take a moment to appreciate what you’ve done for yourself and your family.
  8. Reward Yourself
    Sometimes all you need to motivate yourself to complete a daunting task is a little reward. Set your cleaning goals for the day or week and when you complete them give yourself a reward. The bigger the job, the bigger the reward. Based on the reward system, spring cleaning may become your favourite time of year.

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