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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are essentially large filters, pulling dust, airborne gases, dander, and other pollutants out of the air and trapping them within their fibres. Over time, dirt and germs build up in your carpets, which can not only make them look worn but also contribute to the presence of allergens and bacteria in the air. Having your carpets cleaned with professional-grade equipment eliminates these along with any cosmetic issues such as stains. Steamwise cleaning provides Clarington residents with fast, professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price. Our pricing strategy places the purchasing power in the hands of you, the customer, and allows you to do your own estimate. Knowing exactly how much they’ll be paying ahead of time keeps things simple and stress-free for our valued clients.

Upholstery Cleaning

Years of use can really take their toll on furniture. Dirt, dust and oils become embedded in the fabric fibres, along with odors and bacteria. This buildup can cause the fabric to look dull and dingy, and shortens the lifespan of your furniture. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will eliminate germs, remove stains, and leave your favourite chair or sofa looking good as new! Steamwise’s upholstery technicians are fully trained and certified to service Clarington-area homes. Upholstery cleaning is priced per item of furniture, allowing customers to pick and choose only the pieces they need cleaned and keeping costs transparent.

Area Rug Cleaning

As with carpeting, area rugs are magnets for dust, airborne pollutants, hair, dander, and bacteria. Keeping your rugs and carpets clean is crucial to maintaining the quality of the air inside your house, which, in turn, affects the health of those who live in it. Get rid of allergens and germs by having your rugs cleaned at least once every 12 months—as an added bonus, an annual cleaning of your area rug will help keep the fabric in top condition and ensure it will last for many years to come. Steamwise Cleaning in Oshawa makes things easy for you by picking up your rug for cleaning and delivering it back to your home when we’re finished at no extra cost!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Many people choose tile over carpet for their flooring, thinking that it’s the more low-maintenance of the two options. While it’s true that wiping up a spill off tile is far easier than blotting one out of your carpet, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your tile and grout when it comes to routine home maintenance! Grout is porous, meaning that all kinds of dirt, grime, and bacteria collects in it over time. This buildup of gunk can cause your tile floor to look faded and dirty even after it’s been scrubbed, and can lead to costly tile repairs down the road if left long enough. Scheduling a professional cleaning once a year will go a long way to preserving the appearance and integrity of your tile floors. Steamwise Cleaning provides professional tile and grout cleaning to Clarington homeowners. Our top-of-the-line equipment and friendly technicians will take care of the hard work for you, restoring the lustre and shine to your floors in no time!